Ethical baby shower gift guide

Baby showers are a wonderful way to indulge your pregnant friends and celebrate their exciting new journey. Whether you choose to buy a unique baby shower gift for the expectant mum, their baby or both – the choice can feel a little daunting. There are some beautiful ethical gifts out there that are perfect for baby showers. Here is my pick of unusual gift options for mums-to-be:

Cloth nappy memory cards & pocket nappies from Baba+Boo

Beautifully made and with such personality and gorgeous designs. I’m a huge fan of Baba+Boo’s cloth nappies. Create a little bundle with their cloth nappy memory cards and a selection of their pocket nappies, for a gift that is as useful as it is ethical.


For something different, Baba+Boo’s cloth nappy memory cards are a gentle, funny and adorable way to capture baby’s cloth nappy journey. Photo baby as she reaches milestones like her first poonami; or simply as a way of reminding mama that she’s doing her bit for the planet. Fourteen cards in total that are beautifully presented in a special gift box.


Reusable nappies aren’t just kinder to the planet, they’re kinder to your pocket too – something every mama cares about. And with designs like these, you’re giving a gift that’s on trend as well as useful. Baba+Boo’s designs are easy-to-use pocket nappies that are available as newborn and one size nappies; you can buy them as singles or in bundles of 3, 5,10 or 20.

Soothe Mama gift set from Ermana natural skincare


If you’ve read my book then you’ll understand just how passionate I am about avoiding chemicals during pregnancy, which is why natural, chemical free products that nourish the skin and uplift the spirits make me so excited! This gift set from Ermana is not only beautifully presented in a chic presentation box but the products are absolutely beautiful too. It contains the Soothe Mama Body Balm and Soothe Mama Body Oil which are perfect for pampering pregnant mums.


Combining cocoa, shea and coconut butters with almond oil and beeswax, the Soothe Mama Body Balm will help keep skin supple and nourished. It is also ideal for bump massage. Massaging your bump is a wonderful way to bond with your baby, as well as being relaxing.


The Soothe Mama Body Oil is brimming with antioxidants and omega oils to feed and hydrate the skin, as well as helping protect against stretch marks. Apricot, macadamia, jojoba and vitamin E are all renowned for their nourishing and protective properties. Combined together they are the ideal luxurious and pampering body oil. Jojoba is very close in composition to your skin’s natural oils, meaning it is the perfect way to feed dry and dehydrated skin.

Online baby massage, language and connection course from Roots & Wings Parenting

Baby massage is a beautiful way to bond, connect and communicate with your little one. Taking an online course means that you can enjoy things at your own pace and both parents can be involved at a time that works with your family. This gift is delightfully ethical as it has no carbon footprint attached and is all based online.


The video course will teach you how to massage your baby as you learn rhymes to correspond with different parts of the body. As well as six videos, this package includes 2 handouts, a how to guide and a colic sequence. Email support is available too and Alexia is immensely approachable and friendly, as well as highly knowledgeable.


If you’d like to give your friend a unique baby shower gift in the form of an online baby massage course then all you need to do is buy the course from the Roots & Wings website and pass the login details on to your friend, or contact Alexia directly to arrange a personalised gift voucher.

Quarterly subscription box from Gentle Mamas


If you are looking for safe and natural products then the girls at Gentle Mamas have selected some of the best out there for their subscription boxes. Offering the finest in natural and organics products, they pick 4-5 products each month which fit in perfectly with your non-toxic eco-friendly ethos. With gifts for mum and baby, these boxes are the ideal baby shower gift. Whether you buy a single box or an ongoing subscription, the boxes are curated according to the babies age. You can expect organic nipple butters, massage oils, natural toothpastes, silicone teethers, organic bodysuits, blankets, cardigans, natural perfumes, body washes, creams and so much more.


They are also launching a brand new New Mama Luxury Box next week which includes a motivational planner, delicious chocolate and a wonderful array of luxurious natural beauty products. There are plenty of other gifts on their website which are ideal for pampering pregnant or new mums, as well as newborns.

Make your own relaxing bath salts gift set from Naissance


I love this gift set from Naissance as it combines a wonderfully relaxing beauty treat, with a lovely activity. Creating your own beauty products mean that you know exactly what goes into them and with this beautiful gift set that means it’s cruelty free, vegan friendly, no parabens, no microbeads, no GMO, no SLS, no additives. As well as being packaged using sustainable paper and cardboard.


This set includes Himalayan salt, organic lavender essential oil, bergamot oil, lavender petals, a jar and a wooden scoop. The lavender is sourced from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria and smells divine as well as being relaxing and calming. Bergamot is refreshing and antiseptic, as well as being a powerful antidepressant. Lavender is fantastic for easing fluid retention and soothing away aches and pains.

Please check with your medical practitioner prior to using aromatherapy oils, especially if you have any health concerns. It is also worth noting that during pregnancy a woman’s skin is much more sensitive so expectant mothers should be extra-vigilant when using citrus-based oils (such as bergamot) as they can make your skin even more sensitive to UV light and may accelerate sunburn.

Beautiful natural makeup from bareMinerals

Keep it Glowing

This radiant collection for eyes, lips and cheeks is the perfect way to make any girl feel glamorous and decadent. If you want to gift your friend with something that is chemical free and natural, and can be used throughout pregnancy and beyond then indulging in some quality makeup might be a welcome move. With a stunning quartet of eyecolours, blush, luminizer, mascara and lipgloss this collection also comes in a beautiful bag making it a lovely gift.

Elegant jewellery from People Tree

If you are confused by which developmental toy is trending or worried about buying the same pampering mum-to-be products as another friend, then you might decide to buy your pregnant friend a gift that isn’t an obvious choice for a baby shower. As well as their wonderful ethical clothes, People Tree also do some stunning jewellery. A beautiful bracelet would be a lovely choice as swapping it from wrist to wrist after each feed is a great way for breastfeeding mums to remember which side they last fed from.

This beautiful gold-plated Soko cuff was handcrafted by African artisans and will add a dash of intrigue to any outfit.

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  1. What wonderful suggestions you have here!
    I think that another idea could be disposable nappies that are kind to the planet, in case you are not able to use reusable nappies. For example Tooshies by Tom are eco nappies that use plant based and sustainable materials. Their wipes are 100% biodegradable and you can put them in the compost too. I think it’s a great compromise if you are using disposable nappies, since it is a mindful product that looks to protect the environment


    • Hi Maria! I agree completely. From talking to new parents, I’ve found that it is extremely rare for anyone to use reusables exclusively. So eco disposables are a great alternative and can be used in conjunction with washable nappies too. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. We were recently invited to the Kit & Kin launch and covered them in the October issue of our magazine. ( Really interested to hear about other brands too. 100% biodegradable baby wipes are essential! You’re completely right that these would be a great gift for a baby shower too! Holly


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