My style: London Fashion Week Festival

I am a huge believer in wearing what you love, what suits your shape and what makes you feel fabulous – which is why you won’t be seeing me in PVC trousers this season. No matter how achingly on trend they may be! I’m the same when it comes to drinks. If it’s trendy and faddish, I’m not interested. Whether it’s fashion or flavours; I love finding things that fit me perfectly – and if they come with a bit of history and are steeped in heritage then all the better! That doesn’t mean I won’t get excited by trying new things, but I like things because they excite them and never because they are popular.

London Fashion Week was created to try things on for size and experiment with your adventurous side. It is also the perfect place to soak up some serious style inspiration. So when the lovely people at Newby Teas invited us along to London Fashion Week Festival (to sit in the front row of the catwalk collection as hosted by Darren Kennedy and soak up the atmosphere) we couldn’t refuse. We were particularly drawn in by the British Fashion Council’s Positive Fashion initiative. We lapped up every word that Glamour editor Lucy Walker shared with us about her views on Autumn Winter 2017 fashion trends and we had a wonderful time exploring the brand new Heritage Collection from Newby.

I adore tea. Not only is it an integral part of my morning routine (and let’s face it – this ritual returns every few hours offering a break, comfort, some time for thought or an excuse for a good chat ), but it has been known to make its way into my baking and my beauty regime. From Earl Grey shortbread to revitalising skin scrubs, loose leaf tea is a magical ingredient! I dragged my whole family to a tea ceremony in Japan and had no less than two Japanese tea ceremonies as part of my wedding (which is why I was so delighted to see sencha in Newby‘s latest range!) If you’re even half as much of a tea lover as I am, you can’t help but get excited by this new loose leaf collection that is inspired by tea history. With Moroccan Mint, Indian Breakfast Tea and Black Tea and Thyme amongst the stunning flavours you will find something that will suit your taste! Newby offer the finest in luxury teas and their dedication is evident from the very first sip.



The copious amount of tea that we consumed was the perfect accompaniment to the event. There was no mistaking we were in the heart of England, with the vast glass windows offering a striking view of the city. Yet there is something so deliciously cosmopolitan about London, and Fashion Week is the perfect way to celebrate what Darren describes as the “collective consciousness” in reference to trends that affect the whole world. What could be better suited to the occasion than a range of teas from all four corners of the globe?


I wanted to share my outfit with you all, because it reflects my ethos of not being on trend. For me, what truly matters is feeling confident and comfortable which means choosing fabrics that feel fabulous, a cut that suits my figure, shades that set off my colouring and purchases that are ethical and sustainable. This is why I am so in love with me&i with their focus on ethical fashion, the softest fabrics and the most flattering cuts. Their clothes always make you feel fantastic. I opted for shades of plum and stripes, along with my trademark heels long before I knew any of these things were hot this season. For me fashion should be timeless and wearable, trends come and go but finding a style that suits you on every level will last you for years and can gently evolve as you do. I don’t want my clothes to just last a season. Some of my most treasured items are vintage and have existed for many more decades than I’ve lived through.

That being said, you can’t avoid fighting trends as all new clothes will be a reflection of what is currently fashionable and there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking contemporary. For me it’s all about dressing in a way that celebrates your own unique sense of style, your personality, your body and your lifestyle.

Newby Teas were the perfect partners for London Fashion Week Festival. Great contemporary fashion could not exist without a rich history and drawing inspiration from our global heritage is what makes the current season so exciting. There is so much more choice when it comes to style these days and all of the options mean you’ll easily find something that suits you perfectly. So whether you are picking out tea or looking for a new winter coat, the wider you cast your net the more treasures you’ll find. Discover your own playful way to interpret each new season and you’ll keep your wardrobe fresh and varied – which is also a pretty beautiful way to approach your life.

What I wore to LFWF:

Top: Boatneck with stripes from me&i

Skirt: City skirt from me&i

Shoes: Vintage black court shoes

Hair: Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colour in Rich Chocolate Brown

Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo

Noughty Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner

A’kin Rosehip Oil

Makeup: The Bare Sensuals READY Eyeshadow Palette 14.0 by bareMinerals

Green People Age Defy Tinted Moisturiser in Ivory

Green People Mineral Powder Blush in Rose

Green People Velvet Matte Lipstick in Damask Rose

To find out more about what we found out at London Fashion Week (including our AW17 trend report) you can read all about it in the October issue of Natural Mumma magazine (out on October 6th). 




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