Are you bathing in chlorine?

Most of us know to filter our drinking water. You can smell chlorine in unfiltered tap water and often you can taste it too. But have you ever considered what effect chlorinated water has when you bathe in it?

The Biocera Atozera Happy Shower is a dechlorinating shower head that uses bioceramic balls to remove chlorine and other contaminants from your shower water. Chlorine exists in the public water supply to destroy dangerous pathogens. However, while chlorine sterilises our water it also comes with some unwanted side effects.

happy shower 2

When we shower in chlorinated water we absorb the chlorine through our skin and also through inhalation. Our skin is a wonderful filter but certain particles are small enough to slip through and an amount of chlorine will be absorbed into the body as we bathe. Our skin is constantly protecting us from environmental damage which is bound to take its toll over the course of time. In this manner, our skin and our hair will suffer the effects of chlorine exposure.


Chlorine is known to dry out the skin and hair by stripping away the naturally occurring sebum that keeps our skin and hair supple.

People with sensitive skin and allergies often find that chlorinated water makes these conditions worsen. There is also a concern when bathing young children in chlorinated water.

Most of us don’t think about the effects of the chlorine in our water, as it’s all we’ve ever known but when we are limiting our exposure to chemicals when choosing toiletries it makes sense to consider the water we use too. When Water for Health offered to send me a Biocera Happy Shower Dechlorinating Shower Head I was as intrigued as I was excited.

happy shower 3 .jpg

The shower head was really easy to fit, it simply screws on and is just as easy to remove (you could even take it away on holiday with you without it being an inconvenience – it’s that quick to change over).

The first thing that I noticed was that the water felt so much softer on my skin. It was a marked difference. Anyone who knows me knows that I simply adore water, but the shower head made the experience even more delicious.

My morning shower is my time to collect my thoughts in between my daughter leaving for school and starting my working day. I like to use the time to reflect and to get my mind focused for the day ahead. Without the slight odour of chlorine and with the softer water quality, my morning shower felt so much more indulgent.


I immediately felt the effects on my skin too. After the first time the skin on my face felt noticeably and dramatically softer. Within a few days the texture of hair had started to improve too. It makes sense as after swimming my hair and skin are both dehydrated, so the lesser amount of chlorine in the shower water must have also had a detrimental effect.

I told my teenage daughter that the new shower head removed the chlorine from the water for health reasons, but waited to see if she also picked up on an improved texture to her hair and skin. The difference was remarkable and she noticed it immediately. Her skin was much softer and smoother after the first shower and her hair was shinier too. These effects simply increased as time went on.

Both myself and my daughter can suffer from a dry, tight scalp and have to be careful what products we use. Within less than a fortnight of using the Happy Shower we both noticed that our scalps felt much healthier and less sensitive.

Something else that I love about the Happy Shower is that it means you lose around 25% less water, which is something that is especially important to us green mummas!

We’ve been using the shower head for three months now and are really pleased with it. As a parent, I love the health benefits of filtering the chlorine out of our bathing water. I’m also delighted with the effect it has had on my hair and skin too.

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