Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution

fashion revolution

On Saturday 28th April, independent ethical clothing brands from around the UK will come together at London’s Brand Museum to support the Fashion Revolution message and show consumers that there is a viable, ethical alternative to high street, fast fashion brands.

Fashion Revolution marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh and has become a global movement campaigning for systematic change in the fashion industry and greater supply chain transparency.

They will have a showcase throughout the day where you will be able to discover, browse and buy from a full range of independent ethical fashion brands – including clothing, footwear, accessories and jewellery.

There will be an ethical fashion show, screening of our 2017 Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution film, as well as expert panels and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

Attend this event to discover beautiful new brands, vote with your wallet and help change the face of the fashion industry for the better!

The event is free to attend, you can register here.

About the organisers

This is a collaborative event organised by #EthicalHour and Where Does It Come From? to bring together members of the #Ethicalhour tribe and online ethical fashion community.

Ethical Hour is the world’s first support network for conscious businesses, brands, social enterprises and bloggers. Providing resources, advice, opportunities and support that help ethically-minded businesses and bloggers connect, learn and grow. Their Twitter chat puts ethical brands in front of millions of conscious consumers every week.

Where Does It Come From? Is a UK based clothing brand offering high quality basics for adults and children. Their beautiful clothes are created in partnership with social enterprises and artisans always according to fair trade standards and using sustainable production methods. They believe that building a deeper relationship with their clothes will inspire customers to love their clothes.

The event is sponsored by Pebble Magazine and Natural Mumma Magazine.

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