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Our pick of the best natural products for your smoothest skin yet…

Salt & Sulphur Scrubs – The Salt Parlour


Quickly absorbed this cream glides onto the skin and leaves a delicious subtle fragrance. Your skin immediately feels soft and nourished and the effects last the entire day. Formulated without parabens and sulfates and enriched with shea butter, jojoba, avocado and chamomile. Gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skin.


Herb Oil #1 – Kindred + Wild

Lavender, chamomile, calendula and geranium are blended together in this beautiful oil. The evocative scent will stay with you all day, as will the nourishing benefits of this fantastic natural oil. It’s gentle enough to be used on the body and face yet powerful enough to feed even the driest of skin types.

Lemongrass & Rosemary Foot Scrub and Blood Orange & Vanilla Sugar Scrub – Isla Apothecary

For top to toe silky smooth skin, these scrubs from Isla Apothecary will leave your skin rejuvenated and renewed. The foot scrub exfoliates, moisturises and deodorises. The blood orange scrub formed from Organic sugar cane fights free radicals while toning and cleansing the whole body. These scrubs smell fabulous and are the perfect primer for your favourite chemical free moisturiser.


Cleansing Body Pebble – Tropic

Vegan, cruelty free and without the need for plastic packaging this cleansing bar is packed with nourishing shea butter with exfoliating oatmeal to give you beautifully soft skin. Made in the UK, this product smells great without being overpowering and creates a brilliant lather too.

FFS Gift Set – Friction Free Shaving

Obliterating your need for disposable plastic razors, Friction Free Shaving have not only created the world’s first metal razor designed for women but the effortless service means you can get refills delivered to your door each month. With a stunning range of all natural products and six diamond-coated steel blades and a bikini styling blade per head, you’ll be left with the smoothest legs. You can even get your razor engraved for that extra special touch.

Coco Rose Body Polish and Rose Quartz Body Oil – Herbivore

This beautifully refined body polish has a delicate sensual floral scent and benefits from the nurturing qualities of coconut oil. Leaving you with silky skin ready to indulge in the body oil which hydrates and adds a subtle luminosity. Inspired by the beauty of the gemstone this oil is perfect for special occasions, with its jasmine and rose infused scent and delicate shimmer.

Photos by Gerard Hughes, words by Holly Daffurn.

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