Luxurious Eve’s Pudding Recipe

Inspired by a timeworn cookbook of my grandmother’s (combined with Gez’s love of a sharp British apple) we decided to celebrate our vintage issue with a good old fashioned pudding. Without the restrictions of rationing, we were able to add our own slant to this popular family treat. To fully embrace the spirit of the era we decided to make this dessert dish purely from ingredients that we already had knocking around the cupboards. We toyed with the idea of adding sea salt to the apples for a salted caramel, and considered cinnamon too – but eventually decided on something simple and the end result was divine. The combination of sticky sweet apples and light sponge is simply mouth watering and the addition of lemon cuts through the rich buttery caramel. The whisky cream brings an additional decadence, and like a Pucci velveteen box bag with a Mary Quant shift dress it complements, the main item to perfection.


This recipe first featured in the Jan 2018 edition of Natural Mumma Magazine and was devised by Holly Daffurn. Film and photography by Gerard Hughes.

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