Lamb kofta, aubergine and halloumi burger bites

recepie halloumi burger

Fused with Greek flavours and with options for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans these little burger bites are as delicious and they are playful. The addition of panko crumb results in a crisp light finish. The cool tzatziki sits beautifully beside the gentle heat of the spices in the kebabs and the relish adds texture and a whole new level of flavour. For family meals, you may decide to create large scale burgers with bigger flatbreads and lamb patties instead of kebabs. Whether you present these Greek treats as burgers (with tzatziki dip on the side) or let everyone construct their own burgers, adding tzatziki and relish to suit their tastes – they will certainly be a talking point. For a vegan option, dip your aubergine slices in almond milk instead of egg.

recepie buger kofta (1)

You will need:

For the lamb koftas…

500g lamb mince

A chilli

A generous handful of fresh mint

A lemon

1 tsp of ground cumin

1 tsp of ground coriander

1 tbsp of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic



For the halloumi and aubergine burgers…

2 eggs

1 packet of sliced halloumi

Flour and panko crumbs for dipping

1 aubergine



For the tzatziki…

A pinch of salt

The juice of a lemon

2 cloves of garlic

2 cups of Greek yoghurt

1/3 of a cucumber

A generous handful of mint

And optional paprika to taste


For the flatbreads…

450g full fat Greek yoghurt

450g self raising flour



For the relish…

4 shallots

1 cup of white wine vinegar

1/3 of a cucumber


And salad vegetables to garnish

recepie buger kofta (4)


First, make your flatbreads by sifting the flour into a large mixing bowl. Add the yoghurt and stir until combined. Season with a pinch of salt and knead roughly into a firm dough.

Flour a board and roll the flatbread dough until it is around 5mm thick. Cut out your flatbreads using a 38mm pastry cutter. Gently score each flatbread.

Heat your griddle pan before laying out your first batch of flatbreads. Cook for a minute on each side until the bread is seared. Transfer your bread to a plate to cool before dusting with paprika.

Now for the tzatziki, first take your cucumber. Peel it and slice it. Remove the seeds using a metal spoon. Dice it finely before spreading out in a colander and sprinkling generously with salt. Allow your cucumber to rest so that the salt absorbs any excess water.

Finely chop the garlic before adding it to the yoghurt. Shred your mint and add to the tzatziki bowl. Squeeze in your lemon juice, stir well to combine. Leave in the fridge for an hour before adding the cucumber.


Slice your aubergine into 5mm sections, use your cutter to create small discs. Use your cutter to create small discs then repeat with your halloumi. Dip each disc into flour, beaten eggs and then panko crumbs before placing to one side.

Now to make the koftas. Add your mince, olive oil, mint, chilli, garlic and lemon juice to a large bowl. Season before stirring well to combine. Compress the meat into long sausage shapes using your hands.


Roll the kebabs in flour before cooking in your griddle for 3-4 minutes each side.

In the meantime, shallow fry your breaded aubergine and halloumi discs in batches a little olive oil. Remove from the heat and rest on kitchen paper.

Once each side of the meat has been cooked leave it to rest while you cook the other burgers.

Slice your kebab into 5mm slices using a sharp knife.

vegan recipe

Layer your burgers between the flatbreads and serve with tzatziki and relish.

These tasty burger bites not only look great, but they taste wonderful too. Much of the prep could be done well in advance, but they definitely taste best when freshly cooked and assembled.

Experiment with your own relishes and salads to add an additional twist.


You can find this recipe and plenty more on the Natural Mumma YouTube Channel


This recipe originally appeared in the April 2018 edition of Natural Mumma Magazine and was devised by Holly Daffurn and Gerard Hughes.

Film and photography by Gerard Hughes.

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