Heart of Gold

Why Ingle & Rhode’s beautiful ethical jewellery is the ultimate way to show someone how much you care.

When it comes to ethical style our ethos has always been to not only consider the production methods of what we wear, but also its lifespan. We want every single piece of our attire to not only be made to last but also timeless. We want fashion that is durable and has the strength to last years but will not look dated after a season or two. This is why I am so in love with the beautiful designs at Ingle & Rhode. Their ethically made jewellery formed from responsibly sourced metals and gems fuses classic design with contemporary appeal, meaning that not only will their jewellery last but buying it means you are making a choice to help the earth last that little bit longer too.

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I am a romantic at heart and like to think that when you are giving someone a piece of jewellery that you are also handing them a metaphor that your love will not tarnish or spoil. There is so much choice at Ingle & Rhode, but the attention to responsible production means that by buying your loved one a piece of Ingle & Rhode that you are showing you care on a much deeper level. Conscious purchases show that you care about our greater world and the lives of others, not just your significant other. That’s true love and compassion!

All of their jewellery is produced with great attention to social and environmental responsibility. They only use ethically sourced precious metals and gems, including Fairtrade gold and conflict free Canadian diamonds. Their gems are also mined, cut and polished by adults who are all paid a fair living wage and work in safe conditions.

When Ingle & Rhode offered me a piece from their stunning crafted in the UK silver collection, I chose the droplet pendant, because I loved the shape and the enticing shimmer of diamond nestled at the neck of the teardrop. The pendant has a beautiful weight to it, which means that it not only hangs beautifully but it also feels fantastic when it is on. It is elegant and chic and has an understated simplicity, yet the size of the droplet has a sense of command that means it catches the eye. I love the versatility of this piece, you could wear it out to dinner with a strapless corset top or gown but it also works beautifully on casual lunch dates and midweek social events. The sterling silver in Fairmined and the diamond is a Canadian conflict free diamond.


If you are thinking of proposing or are on the lookout for wedding rings, then I can’t recommend Ingle & Rhode enough. They have a stunning selection of rings that will fit your style criteria as neatly as your ethical demands. If we are fastidious about our fashion, accessories and jewellery being timeless then extra consideration needs to be taken when it comes to selecting engagement and wedding rings. The last thing you want is a ring that will date or won’t last as long as your lifetime commitment.

There are options for different budgets with collections and bespoke options available in wedding and eternity rings. Their ethical engagement rings vary from the classical and understated (think precious claw cut solitaires) to the showstopping La Stravaganza with a central oval cut sapphire surrounded by a halo of diamonds, mounted on a pavé diamond band. Designs are available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum and these are options are easy to navigate through on the website.

As well as the option to buy Fairly traded gold and silver, there is also the chance for Ingle & Rhode’s clients to have their jewellery fashioned using recycled gold or platinum. This is a truly ethical choice as it reduces the demand for newly mined metals and reduces the catastrophic environmental effects that mining is known for. All recycled gold and platinum will be reverted back to its pure form without compromising the quality of the metal.



I’ve been wearing my Ingle & Rhode ethical silver pendant for a few weeks now and it has certainly generated a lot of interest. People are quick to compliment the design, but when they hear more about how brilliant this company is when it comes to ethical decisions then people are keen to know more. When it comes to timeless style, there is one thing that will never grow old – compassion for our greater world and the environment and this is something that Ingle & Rhode have captured with flawless elegance.

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