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The Bare Essentials

London based Brazilian vegan chef Vanessa Almeida has a cookbook, a café, a blog and her own vegan cheese business. Never compromising on flavour, her nutritious recipes are a real treat for the senses. We had a chat with the human dynamo to discover the secrets behind her inspirational life. Have you always been vegan?…

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A Cosy Eco Home

  We explore the eco way to keeping your home cosy The nights draw in and nothing could be better than snuggling up around an open fire. A cosy room, heated and lit by the naked flames. A picture of contented winter bliss, safe and warm, isolated from whatever the weather is doing outside. It’s…

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The truth about organic

There are many valid arguments for organic but they have not always been robustly backed by science The organic food market was hit hard by the economic downturn of 2008, but has seen steady growth now for six years with consumers believing that the premium attached to organic produce and products is worth paying. With…

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