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Interview: Feng Ho

We met with Feng Ho, ethical fashion designer, Fairtrade enthusiast and advocate for bringing responsible luxury into the mainstream to discover more about the inspiration behind her work.   Ethical fashion is becoming increasingly more popular in recent years with more brands opting for greater transparency in supply and production. These values have always been…

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The Bare Essentials

London based Brazilian vegan chef Vanessa Almeida has a cookbook, a café, a blog and her own vegan cheese business. Never compromising on flavour, her nutritious recipes are a real treat for the senses. We had a chat with the human dynamo to discover the secrets behind her inspirational life. Have you always been vegan?…

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Evolution (Nov 18)

Changing Face of Beauty: How the industry is responding to consumers * Multipurpose Beauty: Versatile natural beauty products * Shop Ethical Instead: Alternatives to Black Friday * Can We Make Do And Mend It…? By Sian Conway of #EthicalHour * Be The Change Awards: Exciting launch of the new ethical consumer awards * Rosie &…

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A Cosy Eco Home

  We explore the eco way to keeping your home cosy The nights draw in and nothing could be better than snuggling up around an open fire. A cosy room, heated and lit by the naked flames. A picture of contented winter bliss, safe and warm, isolated from whatever the weather is doing outside. It’s…

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