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Book reviews for The Natural Baby:

a gentle guide to pregnancy, birth & beyond

There are many parallels between writing a book and having a baby. You pour every ounce of yourself into creating and nurturing something truly special. Like any proud mum, it feels pretty wonderful to have other people praising my labour of love! (In both cases feeling like you’ve done a good job makes the sleep deprivation worth it!)


Reviews for The Natural Baby

In the press


With practical, helpful advice on every aspect of life as a new mum”

Naomi McElroy, The Irish Daily Star


The only baby book you’ll ever need”

Sparkles & Stretchmarks


Here is a book that will act as a best friend.”

Melissa Corkhill, The Green Parent


Absolutely brilliant! I wish I’d had it when I got pregnant.”

Katie Hill, My Green Pod Magazine


The Natural Baby book recommendations

from parents


Such an amazing book”

Charlotte, mum of 2


Very excited to have received our copy of this amazing book today!! Anyone who is pregnant, or who has a loved one who is needs to go and purchase this.”

Laura, mum of 1


An absolutely amazing book on parenthood and experiences. A lovely guide to a healthy lifestyle through pregnancy and being a parent.”

Vic, mum of 1


A fantastic book all about pregnancy and birth. If you have a pregnant friend then grab a copy it’s a great guide to everything you need to know for each trimester, different birth options and postnatally.”

Bridget, mum of 3


A beautifully written book for expectant or new mummies.”

Sarah, mum of 2


Oh my gosh! This book is amazing. I’ve read it front to back.”

Sarah, mum of 3


A lovely book. It’s so easy to pick up from any point and is very readable.”

Iain, dad of 2



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