Ethical Labelling Explained

  We explore what gives us assurance in an ethical label and why Fairtrade matters Ethical has become a major buzzword, attached to everything from vegetables to electronics. But where fashion and clothing is concerned, the ability to be sure that every stage of supply and manufacture conforms to a set standard becomes far more…

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My Dorcas Dress

One of the many highlights of being the editor of a magazine such as Natural Mumma, means that I get to collaborate with some wonderful designers and discover some beautiful clothes. The editor’s photo each month is a chance for us to showcase an outfit that fits perfectly with the general theme that month as…

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Interview with Johanna Ho

We met Johanna Ho to discover more about the sustainable, life performance brand PHVLO A lot of ethical brands opt for more timeless styles so that their designs don’t date. I feel like you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum, in that your designs are almost futuristic, it’s refreshing. You’re not lead by current…

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